Who is Claudia Herber?

In a small village in the Hunsrück area above the Mosel River between Koblenz and Trier I was born. This sometimes rough, but at the same time natural-intensive environment has influenced my life. This was the foundation for my love to the nature – a long-lasting bond. It has started already in my childhood when I decided not only to explore the nature of this area, but within other countries of this beautiful world also.

A big dream became true in the year 2000, when my application for a reporting trip of the radio broadcast “My adventure” of RPR1 (former RPR2) and also for the magazine “Tours’” was accepted, a 4-weeks journey with a camper along the east coast of Australia, more specifically from Cairns to Sydney – a real challenge for me taking photos and writing the report at once. Encouraged by the reactions that followed on this report, I continued with my second great love – the literature. I have been a bookworm in various facets since I was a child, but to write a book,that hasn’t stood on my agenda until my trip to Australia. When I held my first book in my hands in September 2010, I was over the moon – the first step was done and many of these will follow – and this is my goal for the future.

With my decision to move to France and choose it as my home-country in 2007, another children’s wish became reality. As long as my love for the literature, I love this country, its pleasures and its serenity. It has taken some years until I have motivated myself to take this step for my forthcoming life. I have learned the French language in the school and at university later on, but the day-to-day language with its special expressions is different and needs a continuous training. In these days I am still encouraged to learn more about this country and its everyday language, because the learning of a language never stops – not even in my mother language which also changes constantly.

Since last year, I can combine two passions, photography and literature, with the creation of greeting cards for occasions like birthday, season and recovery. What has been started with my friends and relatives, this could also be extended to other persons and interested people, I would be very happy about this.