Who writes here?

Here, surrounded by the books written by herself as well as the ones of her author colleagues and reference books, she feels comfortable. In this environment she gets the best ideas for her novels, in the same manner as the flowers grows in other people’s garden.
These ideas entice her to write books about her adventure trips to countries all over the world, to combine her autobiography in short texts for presenting them to seniors with early dementia and also to create parodia, for example, in the anthology „Auslese im Jahreswechsel“ published by her editor Frieling-Verlag once a year. But this is not her only artist activity; with her photos she took on her trips in different countries and within the nature around of her home town, she creates greetings cards to different topics which will be sent to friends and well-known persons for the moment.

If you wish to learn more about this author, namely me, please discover the sites of my websites here and you will be positive surprised site by site. Enjoy your time.