Beim Ein(topf) bleibt es nicht

The autobiography within the book „Beim (Ein)topf bleibt es nicht“ written by Claudia Herber is full of variety like the four season of the year. She fondly remembers the time when spring smelled of nettle spinach, May punch and the obligatory spring cleaning, and also in autumn when the people ate broad beans and made itching powder from rose hips. How funny was the roller skating in the summer school holidays, how lively was the snowball fight and the winter festive season with all its beautiful songs. Within her stories about a healthy childhood and youth in the years sixties and seventies, Claudia Herber takes a deeper attention to the special events within this period and wakes up the one or other memory to the reader.
This extraordinary autobiography written in short stories is also practical for presenting these stories to persons suffering at the beginning of dementia, but also for every reader who likes to make a time travel within these two exciding decades. 

Published by Frieling-Verlag, D-Berlin – the book (also available as E-Book) can be bought in all local bookshops and on Internet such as  (Claudia Herber)