Jedes Jahr fängt ein Jahr neu an 
The story of Lisa Karmichel. Read aloud for people with early dementia

At the riverside it's always nice. The 83-year-old Mrs. Lisa Karmichel from Frankfurt enjoys the view on the Main river, her walks along the river bank and across the bridges. With prudence and caution she lives her life. But one day she injures oneself at time when she is leaving the bus and must be hospitalized.

Fortunately she recovers quickly, so that she is pleased about an another information. Her girlfriend in the United States invites her to stay with her some weeks. Lisa consults her doctor and her friends and talks also with her son who lives in London. Should she dare the wide flight?With this book, I describe the everyday life of an elderly lady – a story which is capable to read by seniors and for reading to listeners with early dementia. Empathetic and with a language understandable to seniors I talk about everyday things and events surrounding the life of Lisa Karmichel. My goal: Noticeably spread of good mood.Published by Frieling-Verlag, D-Berlin Book can be order at:  (Claudia Herber)

Kia Ora, Neuseeland

Claudia Herber enjoys the four weeks holiday in the land of her dreams when she travels with a campervan through New Zealand. All alone and therefore particularly intensive she explores the country, first of all the North Island, later she takes the ferry to come over to the South Island. Over and over again she drives to the seaside which presents itself in a manifold shape. Even the weather holds some surprises at the beginning of the New Zealand autumn and mixes the holidays quite often with rain and wind.But she as the traveler is looking on such days for some special objectives. So she visits several ministries in Wellington informing personally about the successful social reform of New Zealand. She takes part on a traditional Maori ceremony, visits vineyards, glaciers, caves and many other interesting places of this beautiful country.My report, informative through the calm, clear language, radiates simultaneously from a genuine enthusiasm and invites the reader to visit the varied phenomena of New Zealand. Please accompany me on my adventures!  Published by Frieling-Verlag, D-BerlinBook can be order at:  (Claudia Herber)

Samstags war Badetag
Short stories – read aloud for people with early dementia

In the year 1950, the day when the family member took a bath was something special. On that day the bathtub made out of the material zinc had been taken out from the cellar and was brought into the kitchen. For the purpose that mother, father and the children could bath in this order. It was the time, when the first television with black-white screen discovered the living room, when the music came out of a jukebox. And the life was less complicated – when we look today on this period of time – and the people were presumably more moderate without missing fun in their life. I remember quite well in my short stories on the scenes with a marriage taken place in my home-village, delicious Bergische Waffel with cherries and also how difficult it was to write an offer on typewriter without any typing error.Many of the short stories presented in this book have been already presented during the sing Saturday afternoon in the residence Margaretenhöhe in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany, and have brought some pleasure to the persons living there. My target is also to bring the same pleasure in other older people residences in Germany.Published by Frieling-Verlag, D-Berlin (– also available as E-book.Book can be ordered at:  (Claudia Herber)