My book project “Beim (Ein)topf bleibt es nicht” will be ready in June

Didn’t I have promised you this? And now it will be ready in few days – my next book project “Beim (Ein)topf bleibt es nicht” – an unusual autobiography in short stories will be available in the book shops as well as online from June 2021 onwards. For me these short stories of my childhood are a nice memory in regards to the life on the country and the persons who accompanied me during this period. That you, the reader and fan of my book, will get a visible impression of this period, my favorite graphic designer, Mrs. Severin Klisch has chosen 10 stories of these and designed wonderful graphics of them. This book is so lively as the variety of the stories – with every story you may read you will get surely the motivation to read more of these stories. For supporting you in your choice, the short stories are categorized within four seasons as well as one category containing stories of the daily life with its up and downs. But always having a positive view into the future. So please take this chance - I wish you pleasure by reading the stories and your entry into my colorful world – you will see that this could happen also within a village of the Hunsrück area.