Book fair 2018 in Leipzig – wonderful days, a wonderful public


Also this year Leipzig welcomed the listener of books to the fair. Despite the winter weather conditions the book fair was fulfilled with spring emotions.

On Thursday morning, in the music café, an event, normally intended for children and students, inspired me also to listen to the main person of this presentation: Mr. Wolfgang A. Mozart – his life and his music were shown in a very attractive way to the audience. The complete Saturday, I engaged myself at the stand of my publisher, Frieling-Verlag Berlin, and presented my three books to the audience in a communicative way. But this was not the only highlight of this day. This year I got the chance to write my thoughts to the topic 2018 = Gesicht zeigen”  for the literature magazine “WildBrot-WortBild” published by TEA – Tagebuch und Erinnerungsarchivs Berlin e.V. With this engagement I was invited to present a part of my manuscript, but also lyrics of my auditor-colleagues who haven’t got the time to come over to Leipzig. You can see the enjoyment of all participants on the photo attached.  My engagement for the literature will also continue in 2019 – when I will write down my thoughts to the topic “Was macht man mit Macht”.


For the first time “Buch-Regio-Trier” was presented in the historic tower “Frankenturm”  - a successful premiere in this region


For us book writer and exhibitor the book fair started at 8.00 a.m. , the visitor could entered these historic building at 10.00 for free. The book fans found their way to us on both days and we were happy to talk to our readers on interesting topics and issues. I was happy to present my third book “Samstags war Badetag” within an interview arranged by Mr. Hans-Peter Lorang, an author-colleague, and he offered me the possibility to read one text out of my book to the interested audience. At the time when we  had to close  the door of the Frankenturm on Saturday evening, all participants agreed to the decision “Next year again” and I hope, that you, my interesting audience and reader, will visit us again.


Reading two texts in May within the old people’s home Margaretenhöhe in Bergisch-Gladbach


At 05 May, 2018 my book trail leaded me again  to the old people’s home Margaretenhöhe in Bergisch-Gladbach where I was invited to read two new short-texts, especially written for persons with beginning of Alzheimer, during the singing event in the afternoon. The month May is a month showing happiness and this was also my motivation. I wrote a short-story about the preparation of May-punch. Not only collection the herbage was the main topic of this text, but also the pot with its nice decoration. I have these still in my memory and therefore I am happy to share this experience with the residents of this house. You may understand my happiness, when these persons came to me at the end of this activity and say goodbye with the wording “When will you be here again?” And it will be soon – already on 30 June, 2018.


Book fair in Frankfurt  - between 10th and 14th October 2018


Even it is still June, the preparation for the world biggest book fair is fully active. And I am active as well. Like the years before, I will present my three books at the stand of my publisher, Frieling-Verlag Berlin, on Saturday, 13 October, 2018 to the interested audience and readers. Book writer are always active and myself, too, – I am actually writing on my 4th book project. And maybe after the certain period of time, I may have the chance to tell more detailed about this project on the fair. I would be happy to welcome you at the Frieling-stand on the fair.